NIB do more than insurance; they’re also a major sponsor of the Geelong FC. During the 2013 AFL season, they introduced the ‘Move it Your Way’ campaign to spread the importance of keeping active; if it’s running across fields or running to get a beer and pie between quarters. We evolved their campaign and spread the message even further, activating both Geelong’s and the entire AFL fan base.



They needed to get people moving by first building awareness of their campaign. Knowing how much fans love footy, they saw an opportunity to leverage Geelong FC’s highly engaged community. They also needed to capture 1,000 email addresses and build their database.


We got people to move it by developing a 5-month campaign that engaged Geelong’s entire fan base. We created an interactive Facebook application that captured entrant lead data, which saw thousands of email addresses signing up. We acquired and distributed prizes, like signed merchandise and AFL Grand Final tickets. We put aside footy bias, cheered when Geelong scored, and got off our asses to move it, too.


entries (4x more than original goal)


new NIB fans


new geelong fans