Laneway Espresso is notorious throughout Melbourne for their awesome coffee, tasty food, and odd antiques. They prefer their coffee with milk. So do we. So we formed a partnership and took over their social to help elevate their cult status and engage coffee lovers globally.





They needed a way to spread their brand to coffee lovers across the world and grow their following; by getting in people’s feeds, faces, and most importantly, hands. So, they needed a new and bold brand identity – one that speaks, drinks, and lives coffee – supported by a fresh social strategy.


We drank a lot of coffee. We also evolved their brand  identity and refreshed their social presence. We made sure their platforms represented their tone and captured their brand personality. We supported this with high-quality and highly-engaging photography, illustrations, design, and content. We became morning people. For a little while, at least. And made people remember why they fell in love with coffee in the first place.


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more audience engagement