Milkman Social Brief

This document is intended to help us to align the aspects of your project to our capabilities and availability. Please fill out with as much information as you can!

  • Please list names, titles, email addresses, and phone numbers.
  • Are there any outside considerations that might affect the schedule (eg. PR launch, marketing initiatives, trade show)?
  • List all outcomes that is expected through this campaign, investment, project
  • List available online assets, social networks, partner sites, support materials, etc
  • How it’s measured for value, list key performance indicators, sales measurement
  • Whom are you targeting? Age, race, gender, etc
  • Who do you dislike? Who are you similar to? Who do you want to be like?
  • List timelines, when to start, finish, when is it reviewed, etc
  • Additional Information

  • A budget range is extremely important for us to know when designing your campaign strategy and forecasting realistic targets and goals.
  • Any further comments or requirements?